The only constant thing about life is change.

The most certain thing about life is uncertainty.

I was born in a poor background, we were so poor such that even the poor called us poor.

I was born at a farm in a village setup, basically in a thatched house. I only saw and knew what electricity was when I was 10 years old.

I grew up herding cattle after graduating from herding goats.

14 years later, I am an entrepreneur who is making a difference in society with a workforce in excess of 300 and an annual turnover in a couple of millions. I have received multiple local and international awards for my entrepreneurship acumen.

I started off my entrepreneurship journey in grade nine at Matero Boys secondary school selling pamphlets to supplement my needs. At the infancy of my journey, I ran a Kiosk (Kantemba), traded in goats, started importing blankets and clothes from Botswana and South Africa as the business grew in my teenage years.

I have run a Software company, been involved in farming, pushed a Transport company, currently spearheading a Technology company and also a director in a construction company.

My journey up here has had it’s own challenges. In 2010 March, I was robbed of my capital in South Africa. In the rain season of 2012/2013 I made a massive loss in a tomato project. On 24th August, 2014 one of my trucks was involved in a tragic accident which led to the closure of my Transport company. Being a Professional Certified accountant, I had family and friends calling me to seek employment as a way of having a secure income. Being a firm believer in entrepreneurship as the passport to financial freedom, I stuck to my enterprising journey.

I have decided to champion the need to have many more Zambians and indeed Africans engage in entrepreneurship. I know that our country’s economy will grow if Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) improve. As such I have offered myself to share with my fellow Africans this need and how to stand up and make a difference.