I have received a couple of questions that need clarification and basically an update on what is obtaining as regards the conference.

1. How do we access tickets and how much?
You can purchase your tickets from Computicket in any shoprite outlet across the country for K150 only. This means that you can buy a ticket for the Livingstone Conference from Chipata Shoprite. Just tell Shoprite attendants that you are buying a ticket for the Africa Must Think Conference, then tell them the town you would like to attend. For those who want a special platinum ticket which has a one to one strategic meeting with the Radical entrepreneur can as well get them from Shoprite at k1000 and immediately inbox my page to schedule a meeting.

#2. Will there be other Speakers?

Certainly there is a list of Speakers, two speakers before the Keynote presentation by the Radical Entrepreneur. The list of Speakers will be shared on the 3rd of April, 2019. There is a list of exceptional Africans and indeed Zambians coming to address us.

#3. Will the tickets be sold at the Venue?

It is highly unlikely that tickets will still be available up to the date of the event based on the fact that that tickets for the first ever conference I had last year at Mulungushi International Conference Centre sold out about 10days before the event and It turned out to be the biggest entrepreneurship conference in Zambia thus far. Based on that it is highly probable that tickets will sell out long before the event as such, secure your ticket today. Go to Shoprite now!

#4. Do you have Videos of the previous Conferences that we missed?

We do have DVDs on sale with some of my previous presentations across Africa. The collection will be available at the Venue at K150 and those interested in The Radical Entrepreneur T-Shirts will equally be available at K100. Just make sure you inbox in advance for a pre-order.

#5. Why not my town?

I would have loved to visit many more than the four towns identified in my country tour, unfortunately my schedule cannot allow me. As such I have taken out all my Sundays in May for your sake. Entrepreneurship is my Passion and it is my dream to have Zambia and Africa produce more indigenous entrepreneurs but I have companies that I am running full time as such I do not have all the time to be sharing in Entrepreneurship Conferences. If your town is not covered, find time to attend the conference in a town closer to you and here are the dates:
LUSAKA-Mulungushi International Conference Centre- 5th May,2019
SOLWEZI- Cross Roads 12th May,2019
LIVINGSTONE- ZAF Livingstone Banquet Hall 19th May,2019
KITWE-Garden Court Hotel 26th May,2019

#6. Those coming from outside Zambia

Thank you for indicating to come. We have made special pricing arrangements with two Hotels and three Lodges, feel free to contact my team.

For those thinking of attending, I would advise that you don’t attend alone but come with your spouse, business partner and close friends. The reason is simple, you need to be thinking at the same wave length with people close to you. I believe that the easiest way to influence your husband, wife, partner or any close friend towards business is to make sure that you bring them up to your level of business knowledge and this can be achieved through attending such conferences. Buy them a ticket and see you in May.